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Blood Bank

  • Whole Blood
  • Blood Components(PRC, FFP, PC)
  • SDP, Plasma.

KCTRI Blood Bank is a 3000 sq ft air conditioned state of art facility.The blood bank has been established on the stringent procedures and processing guidelines of the Drug Controller General of India.It has been accredited as a regional transfusion center(RBTC) by Karnataka state Blood Transfusion Council. We have procured Blood Bank equipment's worth Rs 1 crore through contribution from our institute, Rotary clubs and Rotary Foundation.

Additional Facilities:

  1. A refrigerated centrifuge to separate RBC and Plasma.
  2. An apheresis unit (Amicus 2.5-Fenwal USA) to separate platelets, RBC and plasma.
  3. Storing capabilities upto -70 degrees and -40degrees deep freezers to store blood and its components.
  4. We also supply VIII and IX for treatment of hemophilia and Thalassemia.

We have engaged highly qualified staff to run the Blood Bank. Our main emphasis is collection of voluntary blood, preparation and usage of blood components and providing safe blood to all patients.We also provide free blood to Thalassemia, Hemophilia & HIV Patients.