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Research and Activities


The institute has done several original studies in the field of has a tie up with the agriculture university of Dharwar and has done research on possible nutritional causes of oesophageal cancer. The institute has had a tie up with Nippon dental university to study oral cancer. The efficacy of Platinum based drugs has been evaluated along with researchers in Japan. Carcinoma esophagus is commonest amounting to 14 % of the total reported cases of cancer in the northern districts of the state. The factors contributing to the frequency of reported cases were to be investigated and research work was to be conducted by the Institute. Within the available resources and infrastructure, institute has commendable job in research and identified life style food habits for the frequency for this type of cancer. Fungal Infection, Dry Stale, Hard Roti mixed with hot chilies, Hypoproteinamia, fresh vegetable and deficiency of antioxidants, vitamin E & C, besides micronutrients, lack of selenium in the soil may be the factors for the disease. KCTRI in association with University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad (PG) has come out with findings in the form of a publication . The Institue has a dedicated Ethics committee for approval of research projects. Clinical research work is also ongoing program. Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy schedule in combination with radiotherapy or surgery has been tried in oral cavity, Laryngeal & Pharayngeal cancers


Lectures, Demonstrations, Seminars and workshops are conducted regularly in the Institute has credit of hosting an International Conference on Head and Neck cancer. Members and delegates from UK, Japan USA have attended the fully conference held in air conditioned Jubilee Hall. KCTRI has a tie up with Nippon Dental University, NIGATA (JAPAN), SDM Institute of Dental Sciences; regional center for cyto diagnosis, KLE University, P C Jabin institute. The institute also has affiliation for regular PG Training and University of Agricultural Sciences for basic research for dietary factors carcinogenesis. KCTRI has RGUHS 2 full time fellowship programmes i.e Fellowship in Head & Neck surgical Oncology , Fellowship in surgical oncology affiliated to RGUHS


The KCTRI is known for its charitable and philanthropical background in the entire region. The very purpose of the institute is to extend the helping hand with humanitarian perception to the people who are needy and facing difficult time in their life because of cruel cancer. The dedicated management and staff have never been hesitant to provide basic amenities and treatment to such families